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High Tack or Romovable Adhesive?

High Tack or Romovable Adhesive?

The most common question that we get asked at Sarah Holden Interiors is "which adhesive should I choose?"

Well, lets start with the basics! The main difference between the two adhesive options is the level of stickiness! Our high tack vinyl is very sticky, and our removable vinyl is much less sticky!

The high tack vinyl is great for almost all projects, it adheres to much more surfaces that the removable vinyl and performs especially well in hot, steamy areas, such as, in the shower and around the fireplace!

This vinyl is made to stay! Even though it can be removed, it can sometimes be very tricky to take off and can leave behind a sticky residue - not to worry though, any residue can be rubbed away with an adhesive remover!

Our removable vinyl is a great option for rental properties or decorators that love to switch up their décor! It is easy to apply and also easy to remove. Although our removable vinyl will not adhere to low energy surfaces such as stone, slate and polyethylene plastics, it is still a great option for other smooth surfaces. 

As with all vinyl you use, you should carefully consider the surface that you are applying it to. Even though our vinyl can be removed, some surfaces, such as paintwork may be damaged when you remove the vinyl. 

So, if in doubt, ask yourself, "Do I need to remove the vinyl with ease or do I want it to last?"

If you want to remove it - choose the removable option and if you want it to last, go with the high tack adhesive!

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