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Tile Stickers Q&A

Tile Stickers Q&A

What are tile stickers?

As it says in the title, tile stickers are vinyl stickers that can be placed directly on top of your existing tiles to instantly refresh the aesthetic of your room. 

Where can I use them?

When designing these tile stickers we wanted to make them multifunctional and ensure durability wherever they are placed! With this in mind, we ensured that they are waterproof and steam proof, making them suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, fire surrounds & more!

Can I use them over dark or patterned tiles?

Of course you can! All of our tile stickers feature a blackout backing to cover even the boldest of tiles!

What maintenance do they require?

Our tile stickers require very little maintenance and can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth to keep them clean.

Can the tile stickers be cut?

Yes! Our tile stickers can be trimmed with a sharp blade or scissors to ensure perfect fit around sockets and other obstacles! 

Why do I need them?

Tile stickers are such a great way to change your tiles without the hassle and mess or renovating! Our tile stickers are made from high quality gloss vinyl to mimic the look of real tiles, making them go undetected to most people!

Still unsure?

Order a sample pack! What have you got to lose!

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